Autopilot shield for Raspberry Pi

    Will be available for order soon.


Navio is an autopilot shield for Raspberry Pi. Navio eliminates the need in having multiple controllers onboard making development easier and increasing robustness. Add Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity by simply plugging a device in the USB port, compress video from a camera or even run image recogniton,  these are some features previously unavailable on autopilot platforms. Navio extends connectivity and allows control of all kinds of moving robots: cars, boats, submarines,  multirotors, planes. For accurate knowledge of position and orientation Navio is equipped with  inertial measurement unit and GPS with raw data. 


  • 13 PWM outputs to control servos
  • 9DOF inertial measurement unit
  • Pressure and temperature sensor
  • GPS with carrier phase measurement
  • External GPS antenna
  • 4-channel 16bit ADC
  • Bright RGB LED
  • I2C, SPI, UART ports
  • Standard connectors for extensions and servos


Raspberry Pi changed the way we think about embedded projects – a powerful Linux platform as easy to use as an Arduino.  Many people put  Raspberry Pi into the heart of their projects not just because of its power, but because of incredible support from the community. Just collect blocks of code on the internet and combine them into something new and unseen before.  This is the power of open source.   Developing Navio we knew that code support is essential for you, this is why we wrote open source libraries for each chip on the board and supplied them with detailed tutorials. We believe that Navio could extend educational capabilities of Raspberry.


New Raspbian with RT kernel, B+ compatible

New Raspbian with RT kernel, B+ compatible

We have a new image of Raspbian with kernel patched with a real-time patch from Ingo Molnar available for download. It is useful for projects that require stable low latencies – max latency with PREEMPT-RT kernel on Raspberry is around ~70 microseconds (without any overclocking). The image was tested for compatibility with Raspberry Pi Model […]

Navio accessories are ready

Navio accessories are ready

As we have reached multiple stretch goals all campaign backers will receive an accessory kit. It includes DF13 wires for prototyping and connecting additional sensors and an active GPS/Glonass antenna. All these accesories have been manufactured and delivered to our warehouse. To ensure seamless storage, packaging and delivery we have partnered with Shipwire – a […]

Batch of Navio PCBs is ready

Batch of Navio PCBs is ready

Whole batch of Navio PCBs is ready and the process of component procurement has been finished. The only componentsleft are GPS modules with raw data – we expect them by 20th August. We will have first Navio samples by next week. As soon as we fully test them and make sure that the quality complies […]